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How to rent a car in Dubai without a credit card?

Rent a car in Dubai Without Deposit

Hey there! Don’t have a credit card and not sure how to rent a car?

No sweat! We’ve got you back with alternative payment methods that’ll make renting a car in Dubai a breeze.

There are methods that you can use if you don’t have a credit card or any other options.

Keep reading the full blog to know the other payment options that would be helpful to you while renting a car in Dubai. 


There are companies that accept cash payments or cater to customers without credit cards. Contact potential rental companies directly to inquire about their cash payment policies. 

You should have a substantial cash deposit to secure the rental. In most cases, rental companies require a deposit to cover any damages or unpaid fees.

Debit Card

Most of the companies accept debit cards as a form of payment. This option is more likely to be offered by large international chains or well-established local agencies. 

Some rental companies may also require additional identification or verification for debit card transactions. You have to fulfil the requirements to rent a car in Dubai. 


Cheques might be less common than credit cards, debit cards, or cash for renting a car in Dubai. Reach out to potential rental agencies either online or by phone to know about their payment policies. 

Once you have agreed upon the terms and conditions with the rental company, clear the cheque within the specified timeframe.

Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency

It is not a common practice to accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies directly as payment in Dubai. However, Cryptocurrency acceptance is constantly evolving, so some rental companies may have started accepting cryptocurrencies since then.

If a rental company agrees to accept cryptocurrencies, make sure you understand the process for payment. This could include transferring the required amount of cryptocurrency to a specified wallet address. 


Paypal might be a feasible payment method although it’s not as common as credit cards or cash. Verify that you understand all PayPal payment terms and conditions before signing the rental agreement. This includes any fees, exchange rates, or restrictions that may apply.

Provide the rental company with all required documentation, including a valid license and passport.

These payment methods can easily help you to rent a car in Dubai and you can enjoy your journey with luxurious rental cars

What are the documents required for renting a car through other payment methods? 

The specific documents required for renting a car depend on the rental company and its policies. However, here are the typical documents you may need to rent a car.  

Valid driver’s license: You’ll almost always need a valid driver’s license issued from your home country or an international driver’s permit

Identification: A valid passport or national identification card may be required

Proof of insurance: Some rental companies may require proof of insurance coverage

Credit check: Some rental companies may still conduct alternative forms of financial verification.

Deposit: Rental companies usually require a deposit to cover any potential damages.

Additional documentation: You should have proof of address, employment verification, or references.

Rental agreement: You’ll need to sign a rental agreement that outlines the terms and conditions.

Tips for renting a car without a credit card in Dubai

  • Research rental car companies in Dubai accept alternative payment methods. 
  • Ask specifically whether they accept cash, debit cards, or other alternative payment methods.
  • Make sure you have all the required documentation ready. 
  • To secure your rental car and streamline the process, consider booking in advance.

Can You Hire A Car In Dubai With A Debit Card?

  • Yes, it is possible to hire a car in Dubai using a debit card.
  • Even if a rental company accepts debit cards, they may still require a deposit to cover potential damages. 
  • Before driving off with the rental car, conduct a thorough inspection to note any pre-existing damages. 

How Can Tourists Rent A Car In Dubai?

  • You can find rental companies through online searches or recommendations from friends or family.
  • Compare the rates, terms, and conditions offered by different rental companies.

What Happens If You Don’t Have A Credit Card For Car Rental?

  • If you don’t have a credit card for car rental, you may encounter some challenges.
  • Many rental companies require a credit card as a form of payment and security.
  • Rental companies typically require a security deposit to cover potential damages.
  • Without a credit card, you may be asked to provide additional documentation for other payment options. 


If you want to rent a car in Dubai there are many payment options that can easily be available for you. 

It is not a matter of hassle if you want to hire a car for your journey or to see the beauty of Dubai. However, you should be aware of payment methods like credit cards, debit cards,s or other options. 

We have mentioned all the methods, their possibilities, and other tips. We would recommend exploring the blog carefully to enjoy the ride of luxurious cars in Dubai. 

I hope you have gained sufficient insights about renting a car in Dubai. Stay tuned for more informational blogs. 

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